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Shipping furniture and other household items

GA400 Express Logistics provides local courier service for the pick up and delivery of your time sensitive packages. We get your shipments to their destination safely and on time. The GA400 Express Logistics  team is skilled and professional and ready to help you meet your deadlines with our speedy delivery service.


If you need long-distance shipping for shipping living room furniture, shipping a dining room set, shipping a bedroom suite, or shipping any other large household items, we’ll give you an exact shipping price quote based on the list of items you’re shipping. service.


Shipping boxes, crates and pallets


If you need to ship items that are boxed or crated, we’ll give you an exact shipping quote based on the total weight of your shipment. The most economical way to ship your items is to choose our low-cost freight shipping service for the best possible shipping price. Or you can pay a bit more for our moving service and receive full inside pickup and delivery. If you’re not sure which moving or shipping service you want, don’t worry, we’ll explain all of your shipping and moving options and you can decide which shipping or moving service works best for you.


Specialty or high-value items


GA400 Express Logistics easily manages same day delivery of pallets, skids, truckloads and more. With low rates and freight shipping specialists on hand, GA400 Express Logistics can handle all of your freight requirements.If you need to move special items that are too large to be boxed or crated, or that would cost too much to box or crate, we will transport them with a white-glove moving service for maximum care and protection.


Scheduled Delivery


With GA400 Express Logistics scheduled delivery service, our customers get daily pick-ups for their many types of repetitive deliveries. Whether it’s bank deposits, daily warehouse sweeps, interoffice deliveries or more, GA400 Express Logistics  is ready to be there when you need us.


Our Services

Furniture Shipping Atlanta, GA
Ship Boxes, Crates, and Pallets Atlanta, GA
Ship Specialty and High Value Items
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